Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Two of My Favorite Apps and Websites for Achieving My Goals

I don't believe in New Year's resolutions. They are forced and thats probably why they don't last. They also make the gyms so crowded and that sucks. I set my goals in December and follow a few guidelines:
  • I choose goals that are attainable an specific.
  • I write the goal clearly on a piece of paper and put it somewhere it can be seen frequently.
  • I tell a bunch of my friends about my goals so I am accountable to others (and it gives a little added pressure).
Some of my current goals are: to learn french, improve my coding skills, and blog more consistently. Here are two of the apps and websites I am using to accomplish my goals. 

I came to this website with a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS coding. I am taking the HTML/CSS course again as a refresher, but they also offer courses in jQuery, JavaScript, PHP, Python and Ruby. They also offer various coding projects that you can work on.
So far the course is good and laying down the fundamentals and it feels more like a game (you get badges and awards!). A one hour basic HTML course is also offered in app form.

J'apprends parler français. (I am learning to speak french). If Duolingo had been used in my French, Spanish and German classes in high school and college I would know French, Spanish and German. Duolingo makes the learning process so much easier. Its also free, yay, and available online and on your phone/tablet. Best of all you can get scolded by a tracksuit-wearing owl in Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese and Italian.