Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My Favorite Things for May & June

Favorite Things For May

The weather is finally getting warmer and outdoor markets are popping up around Boston faster than the flowers! I'm still running around (now on purpose) and trying to soak in as much of the spring as possible.

1. Neewer // Running Waist Bag 

I typically don't run with a phone. I like being able to run without my technological ball and chain. That being said, I recently decided to get back into running. To take my mind off how out of shape I felt I started listening to podcasts on my iPhone. I am a finicky runner so much so that having anything in my hand or on my arm throws me off balance. I LOVE this belt from Neewer. I can barely tell its on, it holds my phone and my keys and its water resistant. I actually have no idea what I look with it on, but the who goal of exercise is to make yourself look like a fool in the most exhausting way possible, right?

2. My "La Vie en Rose" Station on Pandora
I first heard La Vie en Rose when I was watching Sabrina staring Audrey Hepburn. The song has been one of my favorite songs ever since. The playlist based on this song is one of my favorites to listen to when I am lounging on the porch or cooking a fun dinner.  In addition to the Louis Armstrong version of La Vie En Rose, there are songs by Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Bobby Darin and a bunch of non-lyrical french songs that I love.

3. Birkenstock // Gizeh 
Until about a month ago I thought of Birkenstocks as sandals for hippies and people with foot problems. I was right! But I finally tried them on and they are rarely off my feet. These are actually kind of cute and stylish. Do your feet a favor and ditch your normal pavement slappers for these cork cruisers. If anyone pokes fun, just tell them I made you do it. 

4. Cusinart // CPB-300PK Compact Blender
I am not a very healthy eater. I'm not a huge fan of vegetables, and while I'll eat fruit if it's cut up and prepared, I'd rather snack on carbs in almost any form. Enter this blender. I have been drinking a banana a serving of fruit and kale/spinach every day for the last month or so. These individual cups with lids (lids set them apart) are the perfect vehicles for sneaking the greens into my smoothie is perfect. Sometimes I even throw them into milkshakes. I've also started adding ground up flax seeds which are not only a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, but also provide another way in which I'm turning into my mother. 

5. Baggu // Standard in Hot Pink
I have been carrying reusable bags to the grocery store since I was in college. They carry more than the average grocery bag and are environmentally friendly as well. I like this fold up bag from Baggu because it doesn't take up a lot of space in my work tote, but it's always there in case I need to grab some groceries on the way home.