Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How I Got Though My Haircut: Poducts and Tools

So I already did a post last week I wrote about the tutorials I used to get though having shorter hair. These are the tools I'm using until my hair grows out. I actually had a lot of these already, but I had to change how I used them, like my hot rollers. On my long hair hot rollers gave me natural looking curls, waves and body; on my short hair hot rollers and tap shoes turned my into Shirley Temple.

How I Survived My Haircut

  1. Heat Protectant Spray // Blow Pro: The Heat is On - Smells lovely, works well and doesn't weight my hair down.
  2. Volumizing Mousse // Aussie: Real Volume Styling Mousse - The best mousse for the touchability, hold and smell. I've tried the Root Pump from Big Sexy Hair which is works well, but I could't get over the smell.
  3. Round Brush // Cricket: 2" Friction Free Thermal Round Brush- This works well, although the handle is grippy and my hair gets stuck sometimes. The ceramic base holds heat well which is nice for when I'm working on my bangs.
  4. Hair Dryer // Remington: TI Studio Pearl Ceramic Hair Dryer - This hair dryer is like rock n' roll --hot and fast and loud. I love it. It has 3 heat settings and 2 speed settings and a button that does a cool blast. I use it with the angled nozzle which is nice when I'm drying my roots.
  5. Curling Iron // Conair: InfinitiPro 1-1/2" Nano Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron - I use my curling iron to make pin curls using clips (6) or to add shape to my hair before I put it in rollers.
  6. Pin Curl Clips // Salon Care: Double Prong Curl Clips - I use these to set my pin curls, to hold my hair on my velcro rollers and to hold my hair away from my face when I do my makeup.
  7. Pin Tail Comb // Ulta - I use this comb to section my hair. Parts better than a normal comb or a mechanical pencil, which is what I was using to part my hair before I got it.
  8. Velcro Rollers // Hot Tools 2" & 2-1/2" Velcro Rollers - These are necessary if you want voluptuous curves and have stick straight hair without even trying. Depending on how curvy I want my hair I will either curl my hair with my iron and then transfer the curl directly to the roller or roll my hair and blast it with my hair dryer on high for a few minutes.