Wednesday, March 19, 2014

How I Got Through My Haircut: The Tutorials

I have had long long hair for the majority of my life. A month ago, in a moment of clarity or insanity, I chopped it off. It hung about and inch off of my shoulders and I was hanging at the end of my rope. With no idea how to style (tame) my new short style I turned to the internet in hopes of salvation.

This video is great for learning how to blow dry your side bangs. It's super quick (less than 90 seconds) which I appreciate. It also has instructions written out as captions so you can read what you should be doing while you have your hairdryer on.

I had no idea how to get curl or volume with my short hair. I found that what I normally did for volume on my long hair, now made me look like Shirley Temple. This tutorial was helpful to give my hair some lift without the spiral curls.

This article helped me avoid the Shirley Temple look as well. I do vary my styling to curl the ends so if I have to put my hair up my ponytail has a nice flip to it.